News about Lowbid

Welcome to Lowbid 

Changes from 06/07/2022:

We have decided to change our way how our platform work

We are changing to:

No more charging commissions or fees to sell or buy on our platform

No verification fees 

No more store required to start selling products up to 10 items

No more promotions available for the current period

Happy bidding

Updates 05/03/2022

We decided to exclude Russia and Ukraine as supported countries from our platform.This is permanently measure’s because of the conflict between the two countries.

Updates 31/08/2021

From today we are happy to introduce our ”Ebay Import Tool” which provide access to your Ebay account, so you can import all Auction items directly to your account on Lowbid

Items will be imported as Live or Drafts in seconds.

We have attached tutorial video how easy you can transfer your items.

Video Tutorial Ebay Import Tool

It is important to know that as our platform is Auction only, you can import only auction items to Lowbid.

Any items which are not auctions, must be relisted first in ebay as auction and then you can transfer them to your account.

Listings are still on 24 hours fixed limit for quicker sale.

No authorisation required for your ebay account to import your listings.

Any issues please contact our support or call us

Our official launch is today 22/02/2021 10:00 o’clock

Our website is live and you can start selling or buying products safely and enjoying our innovative platform

We are registered company with name :

LOWBID SP LTD established on date 28/07/2020

Registered in Bulgaria

Registration number: 206176726

Thank you and happy bidding