About Us


Welcome to Lowbid.

We are innovative online auction marketplace which presents a unique bidding platform with recommended 1£/€/$ starting price on all products.

Our auction time is set on fixed 24 hours 

Unlimited re-listing until your item get sold

Our goal is to create a platform for all users around the world and connect users so they can upload and sell their items and aswell buying cheap and fair prices of items on the platform

With Lowbid you can get rid of your old items and sell them fast,secure,reliable and easy.

Our mission is to provide excellent service 

Thats why with our platform you will forget for all of this problems and have a great time enjoying your life without any hassle.

We are NOT charging any commissions or fees to sell or buy on our platform

This is our innovative way to provide fair bidding process and keeping prices on products low and delivery affordable, so buyers which really need the product will bid on it.

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You can find more information about fees on site fees

Founder, Director, CEO of Lowbid.eu 

Mr. Elenko Valentinov Elenkov 

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Happy Bidding with Lowbid